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What is Talk to Fer about?

The intention for Talk to Fer is to have a more soothing conversation. Talk to Fer is not intended for readings, but more focused on having a friendly chat and talk about things. Maybe there is something of your concern that you prefer to talk about rather than have a recorded reading. There is no need to be a concern or something negative in your life to enjoy a Talk to Fer session. In fact, I recommend that if you chose to book a Talk to Fer session, we would focus more on the topics of spirituality, your life progress or anything that comes up in your mind and you want to share.

Talk to Fer is excellent if you need to be heard. In a psychic reading, I never ask for your story to be shared... as I do not need it to do a reading. This is something great as you must not "feed the psychic." Not asking for background information is what every single psychic should do, and this way, the readings come out the cleanest and the most accurate. While this is fantastic (from a psychic perspective), there is a small downfall. I am well aware that sometimes, all you need to do is to share what is going on in your life, be heard and helped. This is why Talk to Fer is not intended for psychic readings. I will not go with the intention to connect with Spirit, however, since I am always open to messages, something of that nature might come forth, but far away from a regular reading.

If you do need psychic help, we must go for a psychic reading first, allow Spirit to talk and bring any required information. Once this part this done, if you desire, we can go for a Talk to Fer session. I will assist you with pondering the reading. But this should be done after, so I am a clean slate for your reading.

Tell me more about a Talk to Fer session.

During a Talk to Fer session, as I shared, you will also be doing the talking. The intention for this is to bring out anything you desire, and we can talk about it. What is boiling in your head? Are you concern about something but you can't share with anyone? Maybe you neither feel prepared to ask Spirit? This is precisely what Talk to Fer is for. We will chat with a couple of good friends. Of course, any advice that comes to me, I plan to share it. However, this information will not only come from Spirit, as it will mostly come out from the both of us during our chat. The purpose if you to find a solution (if there is one to look for) to your situation, and I will help you find it.

Maybe, you just want to spend some time chatting about your spirituality, something in your life that has brought your attention or perhaps something you are wondering. This is why Talk to Fer is intended to be a soothing conversation. You are safe to discuss with me anything that comes to your concern, and your privacy will be sealed. Privacy is something I strive the most for, this is one of the reasons this site is secured and encrypted. So, if there is something that you need to talk about, but you fear to be judged, trust me, you won't be judged. I have heard and seen very, very crazy things, so your secrets are safe with me.

When I was a child (and adolescent), I only knew that I had premonitions and that I could know how others felt. But I was also struck by the fact that everyone in class just told me their best-kept secrets as well as asking for advice... (I was not in the popular kids group) I knew everybody's secrets and it seemed very funny that I could give accurate advice about things I did not know or had experienced ... - Fer. (Fernando Albert)

I want to share with you that there will be some healing too, before and after the session. The primary intentions for the healing prior are to expand your heart chakra and your throat chakra. Communication and self-expression will be much more available to you, and you will get more out from Talk to Fer. After the session, I will probably like to gift some extra healing, to address (or empower) whatever has come up. And if we just had a conversation about conspiracy theorists or how beautiful your garden looks after all your work, I will do a general wellbeing healing.

Talk to Fer is exceptionally efficient for these two situations:
  • After an extended reading and organizing your thoughts, you might desire a personal opinion.  Or maybe, to just share with me your decisions and for me to lend you a hand (but not for something it would require a new reading.)
  • After a powerful and intense spiritual experience, whether it was a workshop, shamanic rituals or a spontaneous event in your life.

For you to learn a little more about Talk to Fer:
  • Wait time for a session might defer from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on time zones and schedules.
  • There is a healing session included, which will happen before the session.
  • The session will last about 45 minutes. When time permits, since this is not a psychic reading, we might be able to talk for a little longer.
  • These sessions will be through either Skype Voice/Video, WhatsApp voice or through written chat. It will be the same price, does not matter the option. The key here is that all these sessions are in real time.
  • There will be extra healing after the session, to cover whatever serves your highest purpose.

And that's it. As I said, it is pretty simple and straightforward. I am sure you are now wondering the price, Talk to Fer will be much more affordable than the Skype option for readings.

You will find a single option (but you can buy up to a couple at a time).

Blessings and Light to you and your family.

thank you

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