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Explore the Universe through Astral Projection


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Do you want to Astral Project?

Get to learn what is Astral Projection and how to get past the vibrational phase to leave your body. Learn to have an amazing journey through the Astral Plane with these very easy techniques. If you use these techniques, you will learn how to master astral projection and have plenty of out of body experiences. Your life will never be the same.

Do you want to leave your physical body and reach absolute bliss?

It is completely safe and life-changing. It will only bring empowerment and amazement in your life.

Do you want to visit your own Akashic Records?

Do you want to visit other worlds and meet with amazing beings?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this course is for you. 

I am Fernando Albert, and I am a natural Astral Projectionist and Lucid Dreamer. I have been Lucid Dreaming and Astral Traveling consciously my entire life. Thanks to Astral Projection, I am who am I today! You will find out that I created this course from my personal experience. I am going to explain everything in a way you can relate, as I will be basing this entire course on my own experiences and learnings, as well as a lot of literature through books, discussion forums and blogs way and giving it my personal touch.

During this course, you will learn all about Astral Projection:
  • The works of the Astral Body and the Astral Realm.
  • To debunk all unnecessary and mistaken myths about astral projection.
  • How to reach a profound state of mental and physical relaxation, required for Astral Projection.
  • How to exit your physical body will simple visualization techniques and without any additional aids.
  • I will share the wonders about astral projection, just in case you are still not convinced about traveling astrally.

This course is complete and direct. You will love this course, I can assure you. If you follow all tips and bits of advice from this course, I can assure you; you will be astral traveling in no time. You will learn some powerful techniques like the astral projection rope technique, rolling out from your own body, floating away and much more!

The Astral Plane awaits! Get out from your body NOW!!

Check out the first class:

You can find the entire content (about a couple hours worth of video plus exercises)


1- Why is Astral Projection so awesome? Find out why you should take this course!
2- What is Astral Projection? What is the Astral Body?
3- Who can Astral Project?
4- Spiritual Benefits from Astral Projection.
5- Revoking fears and myths about Astral Projection.

6- Differences between Astral Projection and a Lucid Dream.
7- Set and settling play a key role. What is recommended and what you should avoid. (preplan, etc.)
8- Preparing your mind for Astral travel. What do you need to know?
9- A profoundly relaxed physical body is also a must. Prepare yourself!
10- The importance of journaling and keeping track of progress.

11- Body asleep, mind awake. The Vibrational Stage. What should you do here? (You may lucid dream)
12- Exiting the body. Exit point techniques for you to master.
13- Got a Lucid Dream? You can Astral Project from one!

14- You just left the body, now what?
15- What can I do? Where can I go?
16- How to reach an absolute point of bliss. (when you are nothingness)

17- Re-enter your physical body with easy. This will enhance recall.
18- Take notes while it is still fresh!

19- Now is your turn to explore the Astral Realm!
20- Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With the appropriate usage of this course, you will be very exploring the astral realm in no time. However, do not rush, everybody progresses and develops at different paces.

You can also e-mail me if you have any questions and I will be happy to reply them to you. Many of these manuals have sold already, and people are progressing at an exciting and impressive pace!

International trips are cool but pricey and time-consuming. Interstellar trips are cheaper and faster! Get out of your physical body now!

If you want to share or gift this course, I will appreciate a lot if you bought another copy. It is easy just to make a copy, but it will help me a lot if you don’t. Contact me if you want to purchase multiple copies, I will give you a discount!

Thanks. Sending you lots of blessings and abundance.

thank you